Peter: Hi, Sally. Come and have a look at my photos.

Sally: Are these the photos you took in Africa, Peter?

Peter: 41 Look, this is a wildebeest. Its an animal in Africa.

Sally: 42

Peter: No, it doesnt. It only eats grass.

Sally: Are there a lot of animals in Africa?

Peter: 43

Sally: Oh, this photo looks interesting. What are you doing there?

Peter: 44

Sally: Did you have a good time there?

Peter: Of course. 45

A.Yes, there are many.

B.Yes, they are.

C.I really enjoyed myself.

D.Does it eat meat?

E.I am riding the elephant.


(2010湖北省黄石市,Ⅹ,5) 情景交际,从A-G选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项,补全对话(有两项多余)。

(A policeman is asking Bobsomething about a traffic accident P is for Policeman . B is for Bob.)

P: Excuse me , sir , Were you just right there when the accident happened ?

B: Yes , 81 Isaw it all .

P: 82

B: Certainly . It was a big blue ear . The driver and another four people were in it . Im sure it wasnt s fapsnese car .

P: Say something about the driver , please .

B: Oh , yer . 83 And he was a tall man with dark hair and dark glasses .

P: 84

B: Yes , it was terrihle . The he was a tall man with dark hair and dark glasses .

P: 85

B: Sorry , I didnt .

A. He was in blue . B. Did you notice the car number ?

C. Can you say something about the car ? D. I was right there .

E. Who saw it ? F. What else ?

G. Can you tell me something more ?





A.we have many rules at school.

B. ( 1 )do we .For example ,we have to ( 2 )school uniforms every school day .

A.We usually do,too.We are not allowed to play soccer at school because we dont have a soccer field

B.Oh,we are lukier than you.We have a big soccer field but we can only ( 3 )it in P.E.

A.our teachers are very ( 4 )to us but sometimes they are strict.I think its good for us.

B.I ( 5 )with you.Ill miss them when I graduate.

答案:1. So 2. wear 3. use 4. kindMniceMfriendlyMgood 5. agree

(B)Complete the dialogue with proper words or sentences.

A: Whose basketball is this?

B: (56) ______________________. Look, heres his name Ted on it. Lets go and find him.

A: Im afraid he cant come to school today.

B: (57) ____________________________________?

A: He was hurt by a crazy person on the way to school and now hes in hospital.

B: (58) ____________________________________. From his lesson, we get to know the importance of self - preservation (自我保护) . Do you think so?

A: Absolutely. Its necessary for our school students to keep safe. (59) ____________________________________? Hell be happy to see us.

B: OK. When and where are we meeting?

A: At 5 oclock this afternoon outside the school gate.

B: All right. (60) ____________________________________.

A: See you.


56.It must be Teds.

57. Whats up?/ Whats the matter?/ Whats wrong?/ What happened?

58. Im sorry to hear that.

59.What/How about going to see him?/Shall we go to see him?/Why not go to see him?/Why dont we go to see him?

60. See you (then).


短文填空是近年才创设的一种新题型。这种题型为:给出一篇难易适中的短文,中间去掉10个单词,同时在一个方框内给出10至12个单词,① 让考生根据短文的内容,确定词义②用方框中所给词的适当形式填空,确定词性和词形变化,把这些单词填入空白处,使文章正确、通顺。




1。在拿到题目后,不要急于看文章,首先对备选的词汇研究几遍,对词性作简单的标记,例如:名词―n。,动词―v。,形容词―a。,副词―ad。 等等。同时对词义作初步的理解。


3。在选定单词后,不要轻率地填入。在填词过程中,需要瞻前顾后,既要符合本句的含义,又要保证句式结构的正确。当你选定一个名词时,要考虑是否要把它变成复数或“所有格”形式。例如:match―matches, friend―friend‘s/friends’。其他还要考虑名词是否需要变成形容词,例如:sun―sunny, use―useful/useless/used, danger―dangerous;在遇到动词时,要有意识地去考虑时态和语态的变化以及非谓语动词形式的变化(动词不定式― to do, 现在分词―doing, 过去分词―done, 固定搭配―enjoy doing sth。/used to do sth。/have sth。 done…)。

形容词和副词填空时要主动去判定是否需要变成比较级或最高级,还有它们之间的相互转换以及形容词变名词的需求也需考虑,例如:interesting―more /the most interesting, happy―happily,happy ―happiness; 填入代词时,需注意辨别主格、宾格、名词性和形容词性物主代词或反身代词的用法;数词方面要注意基数词和序数词的变化以及分数和虚实数的用法,例如:three―third, 2/3―two thirds, one thousand/thousands of ;冠词只需要在 a或an之间判别,如a girl/an old man; 当遇到介词和连词时,就更简单,只要符合上下文逻辑或固定短语搭配,填入即可。为了方便记忆,试着记住下面的顺口溜:空前空后要注意,“名词”单复数要牢记,还有‘s 不能弃,“动词”注意要变形,“形副”注意要用三种级,要填“数词”请留意,千万别忘 “基” 和“序”,填入“代词”需慎重,五格变化要谨记。